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A leopard, Panthera pardus, in tall grasses at twilight. Okavango Delta, Botswana. Photograph by Beverly Joubert, National Geographic Creative

National Geographic nos acerca un adelanto del concurso fotográfico que reune las mejores imágenes de la naturaleza alrededor del mundo.

gale-national-sf-1Estas son las montañas amarillas, se encuentran en China

A green sea turtle at the surface off the coast of Oahu. I was able to spend the better part of an hour freediving alongside this turtle as it casually grazed on the sea floor below between gulps of air at the surface.Una simpática tortuga de mar verde, en la superficie de la costa de Oahu, Hawaii

gale-national-sf-3“Tadpole Girl”: unachica con un renacuajo en su nariz

gale-national-sf-4Dos zorros hermanos mantienen una pequeña pelea

This Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) was not even 2 feet from me that day on Staffa Island, I almost had to step back to be able to focus on its beak the way I wanted :). It is a common species yes, but it was still a very very nice encounter for me. Nature on #Staffa Island is mindblowing, I really recommend you to go if you have the chance!Una gaviota (Larus argentatus) en la isla Staffa, Escocia

Early this month i went swimming, snorkelling with humpback whales in Tonga again. One of the locations where they are getting born and nursed before heading with their mum to their new home Antartica. This cutie swam right towards me and came to a halt. With this wide angle lens you can imagine how close i was. I couldn't stop giggling in to my mask as he was just so cute looking at me. I think he asked if i would like to play with him or something.Un buzo se topó con esta ballena en la isla de Tonga

This Eastern Osprey (Pandion cristatus) was heading back to his nest with his prize catch (A swallow tail or Trevaly). I have being photographing him for a few months and he appeared to do a circle over head before heading away - he seemed very chuffed with himself!Un águila pescadora con su presa

Taken June 10 near Stanford Montana. Kyle and I decided to make the drive to Montana to watch storms, my mother accepted the invite to join us. I noticed when the smaller storms hit Stanford, they blew up, so we went back to sit and watch. Then this happened!! We watched it grow from a small storm into this beast over the mountain, heading straight for us. I had to ask my mother “can you see this from in the truck?” – she got out, and was as amazed at what we were looking at as we were.Las nubes llaman la atención en Stanford, Montana, EEUU

gale-national-sf-9Un zorro en acción bajo la lluvia

gale-national-sf-10Miles de gansos de nieve toman vuelo durante una mañana nevada en el Bosque del Apache, Nuevo México, Estados Unidos

During WWII, U-Boats would sit right on the US coast waiting to ambush unsuspecting ships. Today the wrecks left behind are inhabited by the many sand tiger sharks that move up and down the US East coast. This picture was taken deep in the hold of the wreck of the Atlas where I had an amazing face to face encounter.Un tiburón en el mar de la costa oeste de Estados Unidos

gale-national-sf-12Jaffa, un perro muy atlético capturando una pelota

gale-national-sf-13Un grupo de hienas luchando por su presa, en el Parque Nacional Etosha, Namibia

gale-national-sf-14Una orca sale a la superficie en el mar de Noruega

Hornbills have a unique breeding behavior, the female enters the hollow if the tree and the male seal it with mud leaving a small suture from where females beak can stick out. Once this is done, the male takes the complete responsibility of feeding the female and babies till the chicks are grown enough to fly away. In this image, a male is bringing in fruits to feed the female which is nesting inside the tree trunk.Un bucerótido en la luz del atardecer

gale-national-sf-16Un oso solitario se sienta en el borde de una de las Barter Islands, Alaska

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